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Patient Eligibility | Claim Submission | Payment Posting | Denial Follow Up | Reporting & Analytics

Our Billing Services

Simplified billing processes to achieve higher claims acceptance, faster reimbursements & more revenue.

Practice Management

You have a lot to balance. You can focus on delivering excellent patient care while we take care of the rest. Our goal is to reduce administrative burden and strengthen the practice performance.

Appointment Scheduling

AI based appointment scheduling and call answering. Manage chatbot experience on your website. Provide call answering service and support during peak hours, after office hours, weekends and holidays.

Managed Billing Services

We will help with eligibility verification, pre-authorizations, charge and demographic entry, claim submission, EOB posting, coding services, accounts receivable, denial claims and appeals and more.

Clean Bad Debt

Cross-functional revenue cycle review team monitors aging against goal, reduce backlogs and discuss opportunities to refine the processes. Timely escalation of problematic claims with payers to boost the revenue.

Coding and Compliance

Experienced coders and billers who exceed industry standards of excellence will help your organization more effectively manage denials, increase payment velocity, and transition to productive and value-based practice.

Reporting and Analytics

KPIs can show how your practice is performing on important revenue cycle metrics, whether claims are being paid in a timely fashion and how well insurance carriers are paying for key procedures.

Services  starting from $699/month

Best suited for new or small practices.

No Contractual Obligation

We are motivated to keep our service levels high, because you can cancel at any time. While many companies force you to sign long term agreements we prefer month to month agreements.

No Setup Fees

Start your service with no risk at all. All of our plans include no upfront costs – so you pay nothing today.


You have full control over the work process and resource access. You always know what we’re doing, how we’re doing it. You will know the progress of each and every claim submitted, payment posted, denial followup and more.


Your best option is to build a custom bundle to ensure you get the most amount of savings. Our preconfigured plan are at 2.5-7.5% of practice total collections. We offer discount to group practices and high volume partners.

Support you can count on

Our partners and their challenges are wide-ranging, but all share a need to improve their practice and productivity. We looks to be a valued partner that provides proven solutions. What eApogee partners have to say about their experiences.

Our Goal Is Perfection

We understand the billing and revenue cycle management needs of our partners and solve it in the most innovative way.

Dr. Saloni Sharma, PhD

I am fueled by my passion to serve the best to life savers of the community. I consider myself a “forever student” both eager to learn & stay in tune with the latest technology. I did PhD in Microbiology & worked both as a Scientist in MNC & an educator. I belief mindfulness at work is key to success, a tenet I live out through my interests in yoga, cooking, gardening & painting. I came into this business to make doctors life easy & hassle free so that they can provide their  best services to the patients.


Mrinalini Shukla

I have completed masters in Computer Science and have 15 years of working experience in Software industry. I am passionate about being a problem solver and what is better than solving the problems of doctors. Healthcare is one of the most evolving and challenging area. I feel proud to work with doctors, understand their needs and solve them in the most simplest way. Most importantly I get to work with most helpful people on the planet.



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